Monday, July 14, 2014

Slippery Slope of Yoga Pants

I'm afraid I'm playing at the edge of the slippery slope of yoga pants.  My daughter and I have a running joke - that you never want to wear your yoga pants to town, even once, because once you break through that barrier it's nearly impossible to go back.

I started yoga classes a month ago, in town, so there is a twenty mile commute each direction.  I need to make the best use of the expense of the trips to town, so I coordinate all my errands to happen on "yoga days".

It's nearly 100 degrees now during the hottest parts of the days in Kansas.....

And so, I am bordering on the edge of just wearing my yoga stretch short pants and soft tee shirts all over town.  I haven't yet!  I take an oversized linen or cotton shift type dress and pull it over before heading to the grocery store, library, etc.  But, my hair remains in the high ponytail and I am without accessories and makeup.  And, did I tell you it's hot?  So, each week it gets more tempting to just skip the added clothing layer of the cover dress.  I could rent a locker in the yoga facility and shower.  But, jeesh, it's just an hour of yoga.  Surely, I don't need to shower afterwards.  I would probably quit going if I knew I would be at the gym another half hour each time, showering and redressing.  I'm just headed to the grocery store!  

It's mid July.  I don't think I'll be able to hold out until it cools off in October around here!  These are the challenges of living in the American rural midwest.  My vehicle looks like I lead tours of the Australian outback - with the dirt, dust, multiple half empty water bottles, a full size cooler for grocery hauls, plus the "always be prepared" stuff of multiple sunglasses, jacket, gloves, a towel for the hot leather seat.......