Sunday, March 30, 2014

Visible Monday: Retro High Waist Zena Jeans

Continuing on the quest for great jeans for a grandma like me,

I picked these up on a whim last week for fifty cents.  Zena was a popular brand of jeans in the 1980's and 1990's.  I held on to a pair of Zenas for years but finally gave them up the last time I lost weight.

This pair were at my thrift store in a smaller size and I wondered how I would like the high waist fit all these years later.  This pair is more the classic cut with boot leg and no stretch.

From what I've learned about avoiding "mom jeans" from Rachel at  -

I think these are good for me.  The pocket placement is down lower on the butt and looks to be spaced right.  There's a bit of an angle to the pockets which makes me question the center section of my backside a bit - but I think they're still okay. 

The high waist (which for us old-timers is the waist we all wore -except that brief foray into hiphuggers - this is where our waistline was for decades before the low cut waist jeans were marketed) feels nice under alot of my shirts because its snug and holds my tummy smooth.  I never wear a shirt tucked in. 

I realize that the jeans I am liking the best these days are 100% denim.  I think the "no stretch" factor is a better way to go for my body shape - again about the tummy control.  I just have to be patient a bit the first time I wear them out of the dryer because it takes an hour or so before the cotton weave of the denim shifts and relaxes to match my shape.  I learned this same idea about good fitting bras and talked about it in an earlier post.  A good fitting bra is tight around the middle when you put it on - to the point of almost being painful.  But within an hour or so, it fits great and is still tight enough to do some heavy lifting.  If the bra is comfortable when you first put it on - in an hour or so its not doing you any favors. 

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