Monday, January 13, 2014

Visible Monday: Grandmas and Jean Butts

Linking up for Visible Monday today!  

Jeans are one of the very last categories I've focused on in my three year plan - closet makeover.  I now believe that the only things more difficult to get "right" are fitted tees and button down blouses and this might be due to my bustline being outside the parameters most patterning companies use.  Notice - I didn't say there was anything wrong with my body.  There is something going on with the fashion designers and their patterning staff!

This - casual, yet practical and self-empowering look -  "I just threw on jeans today"  has proven to be the most difficult for me to perfect.  And it is the one I wear nearly everyday - as do many women living in rural areas.

I'm getting close!

Jeans: Levi 527 thrifted $5.99
Top: Land's End Canvas, ebay score for $3.99
Boots: Thrifted, $5 several years ago
Bag: Recent thrift score - Goodwill $7.99.  Fossil.  WAY more than I like to pay for a bag at Goodwill but I kept fondling it so I decided to give it a try.  It was very dirty.  I washed it in the kitchen sink and refurbished the leather with mink oil.  It's fantastic!  I'm slowing accepting the fact that even at the thrift store, I am usually more satisfied with one $8 or $10 purchase that is calling my name - rather than my usual stash of many $1 to $2 items.

It's all mud and muck out there as the snow is melting.  Been wearing these most days!

The jeans are mens Levi 527's.  I picked them up at Goodwill a while back and was surprised I liked the fit. Then when people started complimenting me on them, like over and over, every time I wore them, I decided I ought to take a closer look at what they were doing back there!

So that's what's going on!  Great!  I'm finally learning the concepts Rachel taught me!

Using her examples and advice at , I started a great crusade last year to understand what mom jean butt is and how it happens to the best of us.  Taking her up on her offer to evaluate what I was wearing I sent her jean butt photos - see below:

Can you see the problem?  

Rachel gave me the okay on these - now I see how I could do even better

Isn't this mind blowing?  I might have accomplished the same result by posting arrows and a sign "Flat rear.  She carries her extra weight here" with little arrows pointing at my upper hips.

Now we're getting into the more western cut jeans which I thought were my very best option.  What's up with that weird angle pocket placement?
These were my previous favorites - Aura by Wrangler.  Ugh!  See how wide and flat they make me look?  And the trademark feature - the pockets are too high leaving that weird part at the bottom curve of your roundness that draws the eye and screams mom butt jeans!  Back to the drawing board.
Well, as you can see - its been quite an ongoing project!  My first advice - never, ever buy another pair of jeans without a butt photo proof.  Even taking a friend with you is risky.  And, you can absolutely NOT see the right angle of your own backside in a department store mirror.  Even if you twist around or stand on your head. I've learned my lesson!

Why not grab a partner and do the "Jean Butt Elimination Game" at home?  It only takes an evening.  Your closet will thank you.  And your photographer can easily be watching the football on the couch as mine was.  Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner!


Patti said...

well, I am inspired to do the Jean Butt Elimination Game! Thanks for this and for linking up with Vis Monday. Have a great week ahead.

ilona said...

I followed your link from the shoe shine posts...

The jean butt photos have me laughing and wondering who I can enlist to take my photos. You're right, though, and I will give this the serious thought it deserves.
Thanks for a good ending to a long day.

materfamilias said...

You're a brave woman! Fun to discover your blog through the Shoe Shine post.

Citizen Rosebud said...

I too struggle with jeans- they are harder to wear for me than dresses. And I agree that the back butt is a challenge (I also deal with mid-muffin issues- and jeans are cruel to that section!)

I agree with you that sometimes it's better to find a quality item and pay more for it, than to settle for the $2 bargain that you'll never use. I've recently cleaned some purses and can't believe the new life breathed into them! Yay Murphy's Wood Soap and leather conditioner!

Thank you for linking your shoes (I love that caramel brown color on leather) to Shoe Shine- you are a STAR! -Bella the Citizen Rosebud