Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Repairing an Heirloom Crocheted Tablecloth I Bought on Ebay for $4

A year ago, I came across a handmade tablecloth on ebay for $4.  It has a gash in the side of it.  I love these things and have two already that I use for other things.  One is bedspread size.  One is folded in half and lives on top of my piano.  My grandma made the one on the piano.  The bedspread size one I wrote a check for $100 to capture back when I thought I made good money.  I'm still very happy I bought it.  No one spends the hours it takes to make these things anymore.

A friend of mine crochets all the time.  I showed her the hole and asked if it could be re-crocheted in that spot to fix it.  She frowned at me.  It's not a very practical, nearly impossible for someone to come along later and try to recreate the original stitch inside a damaged spot.  So I folded the thing up and dropped it off in the corner of my sewing room to forget about.

I came across it recently and decided to get over my frustration about it - to just use it "as is" on my table because I love it and 99% of it is beautiful and perfect.  Like me.  I spread it over my table and it was a perfect fit.  Then I turned it around so the hole was in the back.  That's what my grandma would have done, I believe.  And we had a dinner party.  It was perfect.

But the next week my eye kept getting caught on that dang hole.  It was originally a slice I believe - maybe only a couple inches long - one straight gash.  But, when it was washed, it raveled out and created this 2" by 2" gaping hole.

I decided it couldn't get worse.  At the very least, I could hand catch enough tips of the torn spot so that it wouldn't continue to unravel - especially as I will need to wash it sometime.  I brought in my needle and some white thread and chipped at it - little by little.  Walking away when I got frustrated.  Picking up the needle again when I could see two tips that needed to be joined.

My grandma would be proud!

Note:  My Grandma would be proud - as I see several make do solutions in the photo of my dining room!  The dining room set was a steal of a deal at a consignment shop - $150 for the table and six sturdy chairs.  The chair seats were covered in an off white upholstery which my husband and I worked together to replace with brown pebbled leather-look vinyl I ordered off ebay (about $30 total cost).  I made all the drapes and sheers in the window.  My husband and son built the oak window seat with drawers.  The padding in the windowseat is covered in a vintage fabric piece I picked up for $10 at a local flea market type place.  Woohoo!  Sometimes I just forget how much we HAVE done when I get too caught up in what still needs done.  

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