Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gluten Free Pasta with Fresh Brussel Sprouts and Mushrooms

This was a new recipe for me and we loved it.  Brussel sprouts are rarely a first choice for us at the grocery store.

Last week, Mario of ABC's The Chew stated that most American's overcook their brussel sprouts.  That's why we're not crazy about them and usually insist they be swimming in cheese sauce. Makes sense to me.

To keep from overcooking them in this recipe, Michael Symon was slicing the fresh brussel sprouts which makes them quick cooking in a skillet - much like you might do with a chinese dish.    That's when I decided to try it.


Of course, I don't actually go to the website and read the recipe.  Oh, no.  I just wing it.  Because, well, anyone who knows me knows that if I open up my browser I'm lost for a couple of hours in internet land.

For our adaptation, I used gluten free pasta.  We don't keep angel hair pasta in the pantry - because I have granddaughters who request macaroni and cheese when they visit. But, this elbow stuff worked out great.  This is the brand I have depended on for three years now and never been disappointed.

I cooked up two cups of dry pasta as directed on the package.  I always use the energy saving method which means you only boil the pasta a couple of minutes then pull everything off the heat and let it set for about fifteen minutes.  I do this because I am forgetful and I hate overcooked gluten-free pasta.  This option lets me walk away and come back later.

I chopped one pound of fresh brussel sprouts into about 1/4" slices.  And sliced about eight portabella mushroom, diced an onion and a clove of garlic.  Sorry I didn't take photos before - but here are the containers after I had used what I needed for my recipe.  Brussel sprouts must be in season right now - I don't think I've ever noticed a full one pound package of them before at my grocery store.

In my cast iron skillet, I used about 2 tablespoons of butter to saute the onion and garlic.  The butter cooked away and I added about another tablespoon of olive oil to keep everything from sticking.  Then I added the chopped brussel sprouts and mushrooms and cooked until softened but not thoroughly cooked through.  

As everything was finishing up - I remembered that Michael Symon had used bacon to start his onions and garlic on the episode of The Chew.  I used two cooked sausage links leftover from the weekend - chopped them and threw them in at the end.  They weren't necessary for flavor - thus I think this recipe would be good done vegetarian.

I added about 1/2 teaspoon of dried basil.  Then I sprinkled on some real parmesan cheese (the kind I keep in the freezer not the green can we use for pizza).

All in all, I probably added about 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese to the finished mixture - some stirred in and some sprinkled on top.

We really liked it!  As I've grown more accustomed to cooking everything gluten-free and from scratch - I've gotten more adventurous with the vegetable-heavy dishes like this one.  My husband, who is not gluten-free, eats with me so he makes some adaptations on his plate.  He ate his serving alongside a chunk of leftover beef brisket.  But it's still a win as his plate was 3/4 vegetables and pasta.    

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ilona said...

Brussel sprouts have recently made a comeback in our kitchen. We usually cut them in half and oven roast them in a mess with sweet potatoes, peppers, mushrooms, onions, green beans if we have them. I'm going to try your idea of slicing and sauteeing them. Mushrooms, brown rice, mmm. Thanks!