Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Finishing up the Beef Tallow Process - The Kitchen is Now Clean Again

I finished up the beef tallow rendering.  It feels good to have clear countertops again.  Here is the post about the first part of the process.

Here is a photo of what I concluded was the best way to do the final work on this stuff.  I made the mistake of pouring the hot oil into different metal or glass containers to cool down - thinking I would need to gather up my mason jars and reheat it all properly later to be ready for storage.

Then I read online where someone suggested just pouring it out into cake pans and cookie sheets, letting it cool down and freezing it long enough that it easily breaks up into chunks.  By far, the easiest method of getting it ready for storage!  Also takes care of the problem that I would have trying to spoon it out of a mason jar later when I want to use it.  This way - I'll just pull chunks out of the freezer as needed.

This is some remelted tallow I am cooling.  Then I froze it a couple of hours and broke it into chunks:

Cracklins in a bit of tallow ready to freeze, bust into chunks and use for dog treats:

Below is the tallow that cooled in the crockpot.  I reheated the crockpot enough to get the solid middle hunk out of there.  Then I sliced it into chunks about as big as a bar of soap and wrapped each chunk in some plastic wrap.  The gallon zip lock bag on the left is the wrapped pieces ready for the freezer.

We popped popcorn tonight using the beef tallow in the bottom of the pan.  It was good!  And, since I've been handling this stuff for a few days - all day - I'm wondering if my new energy is coming from the nutrients absorbing into my skin?  Am I crazy?  I may be.  But I keep grabbing a small piece and warming it in my hands to spread into my cuticles.  I smell a bit like a french fry.  But, I swear, I've been planning, scheming and working with excess life energy I haven't had in several years.  I wonder if it will last?

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