Sunday, December 16, 2012

Roots of the Tall Grass Prairie: Mitchell, 16

After spending an evening with a group whose focus is to preserve the Flint Hills, I decided that is is important to paint a portrait of who we are.......the people who were birthed, breathed and struggled through a lifetime in this most unusual place.  This is not a place where exotic flowers bloom in a generous environment but rather a place where tiny, scrappy flowers push through the flint rock and endure generations of harshness.  Each of us is a strand of the deep roots of the tall grass.  In order to protect our prairie we will need to be aware of each other's strengths and be wary of those bringing plows.

This is the fifth in the series......
Mitchell, age 16
Born in Council Grove, Kansas
At least 4th generation

This counts as the Flint Hills, right?  I mean I always think of places like Chase County.

I hunt and fish all the time.  All over North Lyon County.  Mainly deer.  I was five or six years old when I started going with my dad.  

I think we should keep it; not plow it under.  Just graze cattle on it.  There's always work with the cattle or working for someone who owns them.  It's alot of work - all seasons of the year.

I will probably be more of a grain farmer than a cattleman.  It's easier to come in if your family owns land and you inherit it.  It would be hard if you had to buy the land.  

Hunters are coming in to buy it or to lease it for hunting.  No one ever comes in to farm.  

(I asked "Is this okay?")  Not from the hunter's standpoint!  A rich person comes in and buys it up.  No one else can get on it.  I think they are taking my big deer.  It's somewhere that I can't hunt now because they are there.  

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