Monday, June 18, 2012

Visible Monday - Reflections

This is my third week to participate in Patti's group of Visible Monday bloggers.

The reason I decided to join the effort was to test myself - how much have I really changed my style?  I've been working from home for over two years now.  Some days I never get out of my pajamas!  One of the most rewarding things about working from home is that I have discovered it's the perfect way to road test an outfit.  Some days I put on some fancy stuff, including heels and shapewear and just see if I am comfortable in it for eight plus hours.  What a luxury!  If something begins to tug, bind or slip - I dismiss it from my closet immediately!  This is much better than making the same discovery while I'm too far from home to make a switch.

Lately, it's been hot.  I skip the makeup unless I'm going somewhere special.  And most days my hair is pulled back shortly after I step out of the shower.  I love that it stays completely out of my way all day.  But, I can see that it's not all that socially appropriate.  In fact, I can see lots and lots of problems with this look.  I can say that it was completely comfortable and feminine feeling all day.  I am enjoying my new collection of thrifted "day" dresses.

Hmmm......  I guess this every Monday photo thing might nudge me into an upgrade.  It's tempting to just quit posting photos!  But I think - this is the real me - so I'm going to see what happens when I focus on this for a few more weeks.  Change is a process.

Sundress worn as a skirt - thrifted for $1
Worthington scoop neck t-shirt, old.  I think needs to be donated now, I've never noticed the pull across the chest before, because, of course, I never take photos!
my favorite new suede boots, thrifted for $2  

We're in the final countdown for my daughter's move.  My accomplishment of the week was feeding 12 to 25 people (depending on the day and time) throughout the weekend and providing beds for half of them.  Everyone wanted to be together before the family gets split up again.  My biggest challenge was strategizing how to feed all these people when 1) I'm not working so throwing money at it isn't an option, and 2) I and my daughter have been gluten-free for over a year now, so cheap filler foods or carry-out are no longer options.  Proud to say that I made it work out beautifully and no one was the wiser!  Well, unless they read this blog!


Anonymous said...

I know how challenging eating gluten-free can be as DH tried it for a bit. Can't imagine attempting to feed a crew this size and keep it gluten-free! Big stir-frys?

I'm glad you're posting every Monday, although I missed this week. Fell off my bicycle yesterday and worried about a sprain in my right wrist.

I like the boot find and I've been wearing my long hair in a tight little bun. It was 100 degrees today!

Kitty said...

I'm relaxed a little to know your pulling your hair back in buns lately too. I've been up cruising ebay and etsy - thinking maybe I could upgrade my ponytail or bun with something pretty? Hope your wrist heals up quickly!

Patti said...

I'm so glad you're linking up as part of your own personal style journey, Kitty. I like your idea of "dressing up" when staying at home, to test-drive your clothing. And today, at 92 degrees, it's hair back and no makeup for me too. OK, lipstick : >

Love your suede boots.