Monday, June 11, 2012

Visible Monday - 70's Knits

It's Monday again and I am really trying to become visible!  Last week my head was chopped off in the photos.  This week my head is there.....but it's a blur!  Visit Patti's blog and see all the visible women here

Oh, well.  It's probably because my husband is taking the photo for me as we are watching the granddaughter and getting ready to go inside for supper.  And I am talking - saying something like, "Will you try and get a picture of me this time?  Not the entire prairie panoramic with me as a dot in the middle?"  Maybe next week will be better.

This dress arrived in the mail (via ebay) and I immediately put it on and wore it all day.  It began with a strange listing for a 99 cent red dress by a famous Italian designer from long ago.  The seller also had this dress for 99 cents so I splurged and combined shipping - wondering what would actually arrive!  I was the only bidder.

I was very happy with my impromptu purchases!  This dress is by Dawn Joy and is most likely a 1970's knit.  It's one of those early-day knits that was a bit scratchy. It's a true wrap style which concerned my the first five minutes.  After that, I forgot I even had it on - it fits snugly enough that the flap stays close by.  And I was wearing my slimmer slip type thing underneath that I know always stays put.

I have on Skechers sandals that my mom gave to me and a camisole top from Nine West.  No jewelry, hair pulled back.  Just a day of trying to get 1,000 things done! 

The red dress that came with it is a 1960's red wool, drop waist, shirt dress with a pleated skirt - made by Louis Feraud.  According to his company website he began in the 1950's.  He designed for Brigitte Bardot for many of her movies.  Of course, since it's not a recognized name by the usual crowd of ebayers - no one had even bid on it before I plopped down my 99 cents.  I am going to take it to the dry cleaners to be pressed and ready for Fall! 

In other news, we are just counting down the days now until half of our family moves to El Paso.  Plane tickets are $250 and up, and the drive is a miserable 14 hours across the dryest and most deserted parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.  The granddaughter who has lived with me most all of her first three years will soon be very far away.  Neither of us is prepared.  I'm trying to enjoy each day and not get depressed unless absolutely necessary.

Here she is fishing with Grandpa at our ponds over the weekend while Momma and Daddy were packing boxes for the move.

She's wearing whatever Grandpa could find in the drawer of odd clothes left at my house.  Her sweatpants are size 18 months and we keep them handy for just such emergencies.  The boots she found in the closet in her room - among the thrifted items I buy and put away just in case.  She was very excited that they fit and they're purple!  She calls her hairstyle "wild and free" and that's the way she likes it!


Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

Such a unique dress! I really like it. And congratulations to you for taking the leap with Visible Monday goes. I have MUCH experience with blurry/severed heads, personally, and I might not post outfit photos at all if it weren't for Patti. But Visible Monday is worth it! Enjoy the party.

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

Sorry for the typo. :(

Melanie said...

I really like this blue dress! Good thing you decided to include it in your purchase. I'm saddened to hear about the family moving, but at least we have computers for keeping in touch unlike ever before. I love that "wild and free" hairstyle!

Patti said...

Your g'daughter is adorable! So sorry they're moving, but as Melanie said, there is Skype, Instagram, texting . . . et al. What a score with your Feraud dress for 99 cents! And your bonus blue dress is lovely. Thanks for linking up : >

Anonymous said...

Oh, my heart would be breaking if I knew my time was so short with a grandchild. Did she catch anything? And is she willing to handle her catch?

What a fantastic bargain the blue dress is and the red wool one sounds like a beautiful dress. And, yes, you are visible.

We have to get together so the guys can compare photography tips!

Kitty said...

It's great to see your comments! And yes, I will need to get set up for skyping although I am very accustomed to several good hugs a week!

They caught three little fish. She was disappointed that they couldn't eat them. Oddly, she has talked about catching a fish and cutting it up for dinner for several months now. Maybe it's something from her favorite PBS shows.

Terri - I hope your summer with the grandkids is going well! My experience has been that when they are with you it's overwhelming - and when they leave life immediately gets dull.