Monday, June 18, 2012

Are You Still Grabbing Black First?

My thought was always, "I'll get the black and then if I really like it I'll come back and get one of the colors."  And of course, I never went back.  I never really loved the black piece.  And I was stuck in this spiraling circle.  I was positively confident that if I filled every gap with a black item first as the basic foundation of my closet - that eventually I would have a well-coordinated and easy to navigate wardrobe.  So I bought more and more black.  And spiraled into a bulging closet with nothing to wear. 

Today, I would recommend that you take a tour of Carol Tuttle's blog and website over at  Carol has so many free videos and articles on youtube.  This is how I found her energy profiling system and the related system of Dressing Your Truth.  And I immediately recognized myself as a (very sad and depressed) Type 1 energy. 

I wrote about my release from corporate black in the summer of 2010 at my other blog

I've never went back.  Now my shopping is so much fun!  My closet is so much fun!  Even on a badly rushed day, I end up wearing something I feel good about.  That never happened before.  My basics now are navy blue, denim-y color blue, periwinkle blues, plum purples and cranberry colors.  I am working on some dark chocolate browns and experimenting with gray but I haven't been as happy with them as of yet. 

I wonder how long it will take before women feel more confident in making their own choices about beauty?  I spent years trying to learn and adopt all the advice given by fashion experts.  The more money I spent the more unhappy I became.  Why did I wait until I was over fifty years old to decide that I should buy what I liked?  Now when I shop, I immediately dismiss black, white and khaki as choices.  This uncovers a world of very interesting and exciting options.  Just because it's on the rack, doesn't mean it has a right to my attention! 

Through Carol's videos and articles, I was encouraged to just give the "no black" thought a try.   What was there to lose?  (except many dollars spent on clothing I wouldn't wear again)  I went upstairs to my closet.  I pulled everything black and put it in a crate.  I realized I needed more crates.  The more I pulled, the better I felt.  As the black was lifted, the colors that remained popped out; cheery and happy.  Remember the movie, "Hook" where one of the lost boys grabs Peter's old wrinkly face and squishes it around until he "sees" the Peter he remembers?  There I was!  I saw that I might put these things together in interesting combinations; that the combinations wouldn't have to be perfect; that they just naturally went together.  I saw things I loved.  I remembered that at one time, I loved getting dressed.

I am a bright and animated type 1 personality in Carol's energy profiling system.  It's no wonder the black felt heavy and constricting on my life.  Now, I love buying clothes on ebay and at thrift stores because I know what I like and I know what I need.   I'll never go back.


Anonymous said...

I have been watching a trial series of Carol's videos and find that the personality profiles a very appealing way of thinking about style. I think I'm primarily a 4, with perhaps some 1. Before I began blogging, my primary wardrobe color was grey...and my mother teased me about looking like a pilgrim all the time.

Kitty said...

Gray is the best color for type 2's. My daughter is experimenting with them now - no pilgrim effect so far! But she has always loved the grayed out heathery fabrics. It turns out that they fit right into her energy type.

If you might be a type 4 - I want to see you in a black and white wide stripe! And how about clear, saturated emerald green blouse or cardigan? Do you have one? I want to see!

I'm practically nuts over the energy profiling style stuff, can you tell? I swear, it just works!