Monday, May 14, 2012

Vintage Knits by Marie St. John at my thrift store

So it seems that I might keep this one.......a vintage navy blue knit cardigan and skirt set by Marie St. John.  I didn't think I would fit in it very well.  But in taking some photos for my etsy shop I decided it fits better than I had assumed.

We'll see if I actually have an opportunity to wear it anywhere!  I don't have any job interviews in the works.  I suppose if I don't wear it soon, I'll list it in the shop. 

It's amazing to me that it is kind of a nothing looking piece until you put it on.  I suppose that's always been the reason St. John knits were sought after.   This is the first one I've ever tried on although I've read about them through the thrifting blogger circles.

It was a textbook thrifting case.  A label that is so high end that the sorters aren't familiar with it and it gets crammed in with the Faded Glory sweaters. 

I always scan the racks quickly for solid navy blue (another trick I learned from the thrifting bloggers).  I've noticed that women hang on to their navy blue pieces!  As soon as I touched the cardigan, I knew it was something unique.  As I pushed awful sweaters aside, I saw the St. John logo buttons on the front.  I held my breath.  I read the tag.  "St. John Separates".  I wondered if, miracle of all miracles, there was a coordinating piece somewhere in the store that had been orphaned.  I decided to check the skirts first hoping that someone else wasn't carrying it in their hand at this very moment.  There it was!!!!!  The skirt had a very slight hole in the back and I was able to easily mend it without leaving a trace.  I left the store with my $6 vintage designer suit. 

Yea for me!!!!!  I'm feeling rich I tell ya!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa, this is an AMAZING find! And the price you paid beats the separated by matching Italian knit ensemble I recently found. I would say hang on to it!