Thursday, March 15, 2012

Too Fancy for the Post Office

I captured a couple of photos of the outfit I put together for today.  Let's just say it was quite overdone for a five minute stop at the Post Office.  But, I wore it around all day working at home just to check the comfort level.  It was inspired by my latest thrifting find - my $1.50 boots! 

I've been experimenting with strapless dresses, too.  Not because I can wear them the normal way.  But because I accidently discovered that they fit well, give me some fullness on my bottom half and are very smooth on the top half.  Since there is nothing on the shoulders, they are easy to wear under cardigans and jackets without extra bulk. 

The cardigan was a tan/khaki color when I found it for fifty cents on the consignment shop clearance rack.  There was supposed to be a snagged place or hole in it somewhere but I never found one.  I brought it home because it was a high quality cotton spandex.  Then I dip dyed it into some purple dye.  It came out a purply brown color which surprisingly goes with about everything in my closet!

The strapless dress is made of an almost denim fabric with a brocade print.  It was $4.99 at Goodwill a few weeks back.


Thank goodness everyone else is shopping for Spring at the thrift shops!  I got a hip length leather coat and these boots last week.  The boots were on 1/2 price sale even!  I'll miss them when I pack them away in a few weeks - but it'll be fun to rediscover them next Fall!

I liked byhillary's quiz today so here are my answers:

1. What word or phrase do you hear all the time but honestly don't know what it means?
Santorum won by a landslide in Kansas.

2. What word do you HATE? (not new slang. Make it a legit word)
Citizens United.

3. What is the last thing you ate?
Leftover chili and scalloped potatoes.

4. What time did you get up today?

It was not in the am.  I never sleep at night anymore so I just stay up and work.  Then I sleep through the morning unless I have a commitment to keep.  Weird, but it seems to be working for me.

5. If someone handed you a kitten and asked you to name it what would you name it? (say you hate
cats and you watch how fast I figure out how to ban you from the INTERWEBS. Not that anyone would be you know I like to be fiesty)

Maybe Pounce.  My two year old granddaughter has a little stuffed kitten she named Pounce.  Mommy and Daddy would love to give her a kitten for her upcoming birthday but the U.S. Army is relocating them to Texas in a few months and they can't have more than two pets in the military housing.  They have two hound dogs. 

6. Favorite cartoon character. (not including muppets)

Since I watch two year old cartoons alot, I think DUCK on World World.  "What're we gonna do?  What're we gonna do?" 

7. Did you ever wish you had another name? What was it? OR do you have a fake name you use in public sometimes? Like in restaurants. 

Nope, Kitty has worked out well as a name. 

8. I just walked in your front door. What is the first thing I see or you hope I DON'T see?

I thrifted a (Marie) St. John suit from about 1960 last week (same day as the boots above).  I was going to sell it, but I keep trying it on and it fits.  So its laying on the back of a chair in the living room while I decide.  Oh, and you might notice that we rearranged beds last weekend and its not done.  Granddaughter and family no longer live here full-time, plus she no longer needs the baby bed.  Lots of rearranging.   Still not sure how I will leave things with two more grandbabies on the way!

9. Are you wearing shoes? Describe them.

American Eagle ballet flats in pink with ribbons.  Got the on ebay for $4 and they arrived today in the mail.  Cute!

10. What is your writing implement preference?

Black gel pens. 

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