Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Corseting the Vintage Green Velvet Formal Dress and Custom Military Ball Shirts

See that nice corseted back?  I've been extremely busy around here doing alterations for the
Fort Riley 1-16th Delta Company Military Ball! 

But now I have photos to show you all the things we did to make this special evening happen.  The green velvet dress was the first dress my daughter tried on at a thrift store in North Topeka.  It was snug and she's three months pregnant.  But it's meant to be worn snug so I set to work seeing if there was even a smidgeon of space I could make for her.  The back of the lace bodice originally was finished off with hooks and eyes.  So no matter how you looked at it - it just stuck out awkwardly. 

The day before the big event I decided to just go for it and create a simple a corset in that area.  This ended up making quite a difference in how the dress fit and made it lay much smoother.

The vintage dress certainly was different than the modern styles.  And it was a perfect match to her personal style.  

Hey, now wait.......did you notice the soldier in the Michigan print dress shirt?  Oh....my other little alterations project!

This event is to celebrate the good job Delta company completed on their recent deployment in Afghanistan.  And these guys get more duded up than their girls!  At the beginning of the evening they arrive in full military dress uniform:

Then as the evening went on....these two soldiers had planned a surprise.  With their jackets on, they were in full dress uniform with white collars and cuffs.  But, when the jackets came off they displayed their personalities through the custom panels added to their shirts. 

The shirts were a hit!  Several other soldiers were asking how they could get one made.  I don't know if you can see but as an added bit of crazy - they had me insert zippers into the side seams under their arms.  So when the party got really HOT - they unzipped.

They deserve their hard earned time for celebration!

Oh, one last special thing.  My friend, Mary Sue is fun and active in her 80's.  Immediately upon seeing the dress, she knew she had the perfectly coordinating beaded clutch.  My daughter borrowed it for the evening.  

What fun!  I had alot of fun helping them prepare for their celebration.  And the best part was when they left.....my granddaughter and I had the whole evening to ourselves to play!  We didn't want to go to "Daddy's fancy meeting" because Daddy promised he would take her somewhere special in her pretty dress soon. 

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