Friday, February 24, 2012

"Do you have any prom dresses for pregnant thirty year olds?"

Blessings from the thrift store gods!  Someone recently decided to part with some beautiful vintage formal dresses and it was very much appreciated today!  Thank you for bravely sending them on rather than pushing them to the back of the closet again.   

My daughter and I went shopping all day today in Topeka looking for an appropriate formal dress for her upcoming Army Ball.  It's like prom, only thirty year olds get to go!  She originally thought we'd surely find something at Dillards.  She's always had good luck on their mark-down racks.  But I encouraged her to shop online before we trekked out into the malls.  Especially since she's three months pregnant now and we would be shopping with my two year old granddaughter in tow.  My daughter is not a marathon shopper on a good day - much less when she's pregnant and chasing a toddler. 

She looked online all day yesterday and found a few possibilities.  But today, she was ready to go try one of my thrift stores just in case something wonderful had been dropped off.  I chose Maj-R in north Topeka, per a recommendation last year from fellow blogger Teri at  Thank you Teri!  I had never been there before.  It was a huge store, very clean and well organized.  I kept my little granddaughter busy at the Easter displays while my daughter went straight to the dresses.  The first one she saw is most likely the one she'll wear.  Deep forest green velvet from the 1960's with a cream lace bodice that pulls up into a choker type neckline.  Classic, understated and timeless.

I don't have photos yet.  But she picked out three dresses at at $5 per dress.  Every one of them is beautiful.  And she has a little wiggle room in sizing between the three - as she has two more weeks to go before the big event.   Neither one of us felt confident in trying to guess how much her body will expand!

Thank you to my new friendship circle of real women who blog about personal style.   We didn't need to rely on a huge price tag to make us feel secure in her choices.  I remembered especially a quote from someone in blogging world (not sure who it was now?)  who cautioned that with formalwear we women commonly make mistakes of "too bare, too shiny, too tight".  We carefully avoided that trap.

She will look very classy and have money in the bank for much more important things in a young family's life.  Even better, she will look like the wife of a highly decorated combat soldier instead of a too-old teenager going to her first prom.     

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