Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sorting My Stuff......

I  know I should be more excited about the holidays coming up.  But, I never have been a Christmassy type person.  I think it has to do with some "bad" Christmasses in my past.  Not every family in the 1960's was living like the Brady Bunch or the Partridge Family.  So let's not go there.

I am still working on the "stuff" sorting - and its been over two years now of constantly sorting, thinking, selling, giving away.  Each time I peel off another layer and think I might be finished.  Instead, I find that the light and in-control feeling I get with each layer encourages me to start the next. I think with my daughter being married to a military man, its very clear that "stuff" is expensive to keep, move and store.  It would be extremely unfair of me to saddle her family and my son' family with my lack of decision making if someday it becomes their job to go through all this crap.  If I didn't know whether it was valuable or not, how are they supposed to decide? 

This week I found out that half my favorite set of dishes is missing (7 bowls, and 8 coffee cups and saucers).  They were in a box that had been carried out to either the garage or the shop years ago.  I've seen the box twice in about 10 years.  How it got separated is now a "he said, she said" debate in my household and possibly it was taken to the dump.  What is most discouraging about this is that four sets of dishes (not my favorites) are been carefully stored in prime kitchen storage space for those same ten years.  Exasperating!!!!!  Looks like a classic case of not getting my priorities straight, yet again!

I loved the link to George Carlin's routine on stuff that was shared today by  I must not be the only person who thinks about excess stuff during the holiday season. 

It reminds of a poem that was found in my friend, Esther's, stuff when she passed away in her 90's.  No one knew if Esther authored it herself or collected it from somewhere else.    

Every Fall I start stirring my stuff.  There is closet stuff, drawer stuff, attic stuff and basement stuff.  I separate the good stuff from the bad stuff, then I stuff the bad stuff anywhere the stuff is not too crowded until I decide if I will need the stuff.

When the Lord calls me home my children will want the good stuff, but the bad stuff, stuffed wherever there is room among all the other stuff, will be stuffed in bags and taken to the dump where all the other people's stuff has been taken.

This Fall I had an extra closet built so I would have a place for all the stuff too good to throw away and too bad to keep with my good stuff.

You may not have this problem but I seem to spend a lot of time with stuff, food stuff, cleaning stuff, medicine stuff, clothes stuff and outside stuff.  Whatever would life be like if we didn't have all this stuff?

Dear Santa,

Please do not bring me very much stuff this year.  I am 53 years old.  I am a big girl now.  I won't be hurt or offended if you focus on others this year as I have plenty. 

Love, Kitty Sue

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Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like you and I have very similar ideas about Christmas. DH and I did not exchange gifts, but loaded up the car and took a nice little road trip, with very minimal souvenirs.

I've used that Carlin routine in my writing classes.