Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beginning Sewing - A Simple Knit Skirt

My granddaughter has been asking to sew since she could talk.  She wants to use those machines.  She draws her "designs" with crayons and plans for the day when she can make her own clothing.

Over Thanksgiving we did our first real project.  She was extremely pleased!  I was nervous about setting her up on my industrial machine, but she got the rhythm of it right away and handled it well.  She used this machine to serge the side seams and go around the top and bottom to make a nice edge.  Then she switched to my regular straight stitch machine to make the casing for the elastic.  I finished up the elastic and hemmed it. 

She's come a long way from the days where she would spend close to an hour taking EACH straight pin out of my pincushion and inserting it into my sewing chair!  

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Anonymous said...

Whoa, I am impressed! I remember my own beginning efforts on a machine that didn't start until middle-school, though I'd been given lots of training in cross-stitch embroidery.