Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Wool Jacket Upcycle Project

I can't resist!  I pick up these great high quality wool jackets on ebay for just a few dollars and then upcycle them into something great!

This is the original jacket.  I was interested in it because it had sort of an ethnic vibe and it was 100% wool.  It had many of the colors I like to wear: cranberry, blues, pinks.  So many wool jackets are camel, black or gray.  This was a nice variation that I thought I could make work with some of the solid color sheath dresses I have been collecting. 

It was a size large.  And as you know, a size large can fit anywhere from about a 36 inch bust to about a 46 inch bust depending on the manufacturer.  When this jacket arrived - it was nearly 46 inches across the bustline. 

It sat on my cutting table for a few weeks as I decided whether or not it was worth the effort to recut it. Finally, I took the leap.  That first cut is always the hardest!  You have to come to terms with the facts.  It's possible you will hate it after you put alot of work into the upcycle.  And it's possible that even after the upcycle you might decide you really liked the jacket better in the original form. 

But I made the cuts! 

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