Monday, June 6, 2011

Slippery Slope Fallacy #8 - Free T-Shirts

8) Free t-shirts: Everyone wears them, everyone seems to love them. Cool people who volunteer or have hobbies are always wearing one advertising their latest conquest. Collect them and make them work for your summer casual wardrobe.

This one was difficult for me to accept.  Everyone has these, right?  They are as much a part of the American uniform as jeans and sweats.  I had two drawers of them plus a stack on the closet shelf.  Sometimes I wore them to sleep in.  Sometimes to work in the yard or mop floors.  Otherwise they sat in neatly organized stacks.  And I continued to come home with new ones as I worked in youth organizations and received them free at events.

One day, I loaded them all up and delivered them to the thrift store. 

I kept three.

So these are the reasons I made the decision, finally....

1)  They have crew necklines.  Terrible for busty girls.

2) Most all of them are in men's sizing which means to get them around my bust they need to be too big everywhere else.  Hanging shoulders, odd-length sleeves, wide under the arms, and long hems that can't really be tucked in and can't really be left out. 

3)  Most are of 100% cotton or a cotton blend.  Cheap, cheap fabrics.  This is why organizations can give them away.  Underpaid workers in other countries crank these out by the thousands.  Your local screenprinting place is buying them for around $2 each and that includes the costs incurred in shipping them across the ocean and distributing them through the U.S marketers who need their percentage too.  

4)  Invariably, the best place to put the message of the shirt is on the left boob, or across both boobs front and center.  Just the place I want puzzled strangers trying to pick out letters to make a word. 

5)  The colors of the shirt are chosen for a multitude of reasons and absolutely none of those reasons includes human skin tones or hair coloring. 

After I donated all of my t-shirts, I did find one reason I should have kept a few more.  One of the bloggers (I'm sorry I can't remember who) rolls them up and uses a rubber band to hold them in shape so that they will slip into her boots for off-season storage.  

Now that is a great reason to volunteer and receive a free t-shirt! 


Terri said...

They make pretty good rags too!

Kitty said...

True! And I'm hoping the craze is dying down finally. What a waste of natural resources.

Sheila said...

I only keep my t-shirt from the annual 10K race I go in - and I wear it to work out in. When it gets ratty, it becomes rags.