Monday, June 6, 2011

Slippery Slope Fallacy #6 - Dollar Store Tights and Socks

This is another in my series about my slippery slope to frumpiness.  At 52 years old, I realized I had entirely given up on ever feeling happy about my body or my clothing choices.  I methodically visited the regular mid-priced stores that cater to my demographic and laid down my credit card.  And I was miserable! 

These are a few of the points I now realize had sucked me under, slowly creeping into my lifestyle without me noticing.  Once I noticed, I had the ability to choose a different course of action! 

6) Dollar store tights and socks: 

This was my entire collection of socks when I finally "got it"!
This was quite a revelation!  That I could pay $10 for a pair of socks and then really, really enjoy more than $10 worth of use from them.  I wrote about it here

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