Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Really America? You're Going to Watch Combat Hospital (ABC) While My Soldier Is Still Over There?

Tonight my daughter is making some of her key calls.  Every couple of weeks she makes calls to about twenty wives whose husbands serve in the same unit as her husband.  The 116th from Fort Riley is now serving in southern Afghanistan, with their center located near Kandahar.  Most of the guys are out in remote locations with no water and very limited access to phone lines or internet.  They are working directly with small towns to try and build up security for families very similar to my own.  They've been there a while and they aren't going to get to come home anytime soon.

The wives are doing the best they can, raising children, trying to maintain family ties with their own and their spouses families, dealing with illnesses, checking accounts, lawns that need mowed and broken washing machines.  And they worry.  Because any day could bring news that no one wants to hear.  They find comfort in each other because no one else can truely understand what its like to live this day after day. 

America seems to be focused on their jobless rates and sagging stock values.  Although these are important to me also, (I lost my job over a year ago too), I am more concerned that America work hard on getting these soldiers back home.  Until these issues are resolved, military families have no chance of every having any sort of normal life in the future.  Deployment after deployment isn't a way to hold together a marriage.  They will never make it together to the life stage where they worry about their savings and retirement accounts.

Now, I must deal with COMBAT HOSPITAL premiering on ABC on June 21st.  Really?  Couldn't there be another topic that might entertain you while you distract yourself from the war that is a ghost in my home everyday?  The injured soldiers portrayed in the series are there today.  They could be someone I know.  Their injury or trauma could be something that my son-in-law will carry with him as an invisable wound the rest of his life as he tries to be a good husband and father. 

Really, aren't there other things you could entertain yourself with?  Don't you feel like you might be treading on the privacy and dignity of those who volunteered to go and fight for you?


Terri said...

I don't watch television at all, so I am thoroughly unaware of this program. I often have the spouses of vets, as well as returning vets in my classroom. We have asked a lot of our veterans.

I would have e-mailed this offer privately, but don't have a means of getting ahold of you. We have two free tickets to a jazz concert that we will be attending at the high school in Burlington, Kansas tomorrow evening. I would like to offer the tickets to you and your husband, if you are at all interested. We could simply meet there and it might be a good neutral place to finally make our meet-up happen. If budgets afford, we could share a meal or dessert after at Beto Junction. Let me know. terri.lowry@sbcglobal.net

Kitty said...

You are always so sweet! I do want to find a time to meet you. As you can probably decode from my blog post this time, I am just barely able to keep up with what I have to do with my family right now. That - and the fact that we are passing around some sort of sore throat thing this week. Tonight I am the one to feel lousy.

It may be December (when my life will suddenly be filled with too much spare time) before we can plan a time to meet. I wasn't expecting the physical and emotional extra work this deployment would be. I am glad to be able to do it for my daughter and granddaughter so they don't have to go it alone. But, wow.....

kitty.fra@gmail.com is my email account. Please keep in touch, I need your friendship and support.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Kitty, I just looked for an email to send you a personal note, but I had to tell you that your comment on the public speaking post was great!! Thanks so much for sharing your story! I am happy to be a new follower of your blog!