Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Slippery Slope to Frumpiness - Fallacy #5 - Nothing Constricting

5) Nothing constricting for foundation wear: 

In the 1970's, knitwear was exploding onto the fashion scene.  I probably weighed 95 lbs throughout high school but my mom insisted I wear girdle type panties, body suits that snapped at the crotch and other monstrosities to make smooth lines under the knits.   I hated it!  They pulled and squished and,dog forbid - you had to pee!  I ditched them as soon as I left home after high school vowing to never wear that stuff again.   

Guess what?  Foundation wear has changed alot since 1970!  Its comfortable, pretty and feminine.  You no longer have to try and stick your head between your legs to snap it!  Who knew? 

Since I had been deliberately avoiding this stuff for thirty years, it's fitting that I ended up with several bags of foundation wear from a local auction.   My future daughter-in-law was interested in several bridal gowns at our regional bridal salon.  Unexpectedly, the State of Kansas moved in and closed the place for non-payment of taxes.  Everything in the store was auctioned.  The wedding gowns were being sold off in lots of six dresses (for about $100 total!). Between, her, her mom and myself we brought home sixteen dresses.  Another story.....

But, there were bags and bags of panties, bras and other foundation wear.  No one was bidding on this stuff and I just couldn't stand it.  I bought several bags to resell on ebay.

In the bags, I found many pieces I love to wear!  They are so smooth and comfortable.  They make a huge difference in how sweaters and knits look - especially since some parts of my body seem to be shifting as I get older.  Nothing snaps under the crotch anymore.  Nothing gives me a wedgy part-way through the day.  I don't have to pack myself into them like a stuffed sausage.  They are just like underwear or slips - only they have a job to do and they do it well!  WOW! 

I'd say if you hated the foundation wear of the past - you have a good reason to try foundation wear again today!  It's a totally different animal now.  Friendlier, domesticated, even cuddly.

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Terri said...

Oh, you lucked at on the auction. It wasn't Sandy's Bridal was it? I own exactly one pair of such undergarments and reserve them to wear with sleek silk sheaths.