Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Slippery Slope Fallacies - #4 - Whatever Bras

4)  Whatever bras.  My friend's mother passed away last year.  On her facebook status she wrote, "Burn your candles.  Wear your good clothes.  What are we saving them for?"  It's so true.  She had spent weeks going through her mother's stuff - stuff that her mother should have enjoyed during her lifetime when it was meaningful to her to collect it.  I am 52.  Am I saving my best fitting, prettiest bras for my childrens' inheritance?  hmmmm.......

Also, I learned from Brittany http://www.thinandcurvy.com/2010/11/signs-of-bad-bra-fitter.html
about how uncomfortable your bra should be when you first put it on.  It means it fits!  It's doing some heavy lifting!  The important question is how does it feel to you several hours later?  The cheapy, too big, too sloppy bras show their true colors hours later (when you are out and about  - people are actually seeing you).  I searched through my drawer and separated my bras.  In the process I found many fantastic ones with even four hooks in the back (another good sign according to Brittany - this means they were designed for my body type).  I wrote about the experience here   http://daisyoftheflinthills.blogspot.com/2011/02/closet-clearing.html

I am now wearing my best bras everyday.  It feels great!  Next time I will write about a related topic....Fallacy #5 that I began to incorporate into my life years ago as a truth - Nothing Constricting!

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Terri said...

It has been so long since I have been properly fitted for a bra (last maternity bra?--26 years ago. Yikes). It's true that a bra can make all the difference in how a top or a dress fits.