Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Turn-Around from Frumpiness - Fallacy #2 - No Button Down Blouses

This is item number two that I feel pulled me down the slippery slope to frumpiness over the past decade.  It's a fallacy, an untruth, that I accepted as the truth and used to further limit my wardrobe choices. 

2)  No button down blouses.  I love button down blouses.  They fit my personality.  But they never fit my shape.  So, it was too risky and too much of a pain to wonder if this or that blouse would pop at the bustline all day.  Since I don't want to draw more attention to the bustline than necessary, I eliminated button down blouses from my wardrobe possibilities.  It happened slowly over time and without much conscious thought.      

Once I accepted that the corporations who design womens' fashion do not care what shape or size I am, I realized that I am exactly the size I should be.  They have their own set of problems which are not my problems!   One of those problems is their inability to hire or train good pattern people - thus relying on mass fitting solutions that might have worked in the past.

I have worked to find button down blouses built for curvy bustlines.  They are hard to find, but its not impossible.  I like the stretch woven fabrics because I tend to fall between the standard sizes.  The stretch woven fabrics have decreased in cost and increased in quality over the past decade.  It is worth your time to search them out and start trying them on from different brands.  That little bit of extra stretch will sometimes make it work.  Also, some bras are better than others to make the fit work.  This eliminates the need to always size up, which as you probably know, results in a blouse that looks like it's borrowed from your husband's closet and is almost impossible to style with a jacket. 

I carefully topstitch the placket of some of my blouses in just that spot (about a two inch section).  If you leave the button placket alone both above and below this trouble area and stitch directly over the existing stitch lines, no one ever suspects that the blouse now has to be pulled on over your head!   

Next time:  Fallacy #3  Farmer Jeans  

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Terri said...

I do have a few button downs, but am probably guilty of wearing them too big, although I do tuck them in. There is nothing I like better than a crisp shirt that smells faintly of starch. I have owned a few of the stretch type, but I don't think I'm as careful as I should have been in laundering them.