Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Conquering the Slippery Slope to Frumpiness - Fallacy #1: No White or Light Colors Below the Waist

So yesterday I listed the ten ideas that led me to frumpiness.  10 Fallacies that Led Me Down the Slippery Slope to Frumpiness    This is how I am conquering them! 

1)  No white or light colors below the waist. 

After my second child was born, I started having heavier and heavier periods.  To the point of bleeding through clothes, coats and even upholstery.  I developed the habit of checking every time I stood up to see if I had bled through.  Because of this, I eliminated anything light color for pants, skirts, etc.  With irregular periods - the risk was just too high.  Black makes you look thinner anyway, right?

This was SO easily resolved especially after we finally were able to join a group health insurance.  (We raised our family for sixteen years without any health insurance - I can hear you gasp!  It is true.  I'd like to give a personal thank you to the Reagan administration for this lack of access, but I suppose they are all dead by now.)

This is a medical problem and I tried to believe it was only a fashion restriction.  

Get on board with a good ob/gyn and see what your options are.  I spent 2 days in a surgery center and another two weeks off work to solve a problem that had nearly taken over my life.  

As far as fashion goes, I happen to be an inverted triangle shape.  The last thing we want to do is try and make our hips look slimmer!  Black is not slimming for everyone.  Such a load of bull-hooey being sold to women!  Sometimes black just looks dead.  Inverted triangle shaped women look more balanced in darker blouses with lighter pants or skirts.  

My surgery was seven years ago.  Do you know that didn't notice until last summer's closet clean out that I had no light color bottoms?  I think it proves how slippery the slope is to frumpiness.  The first item I tried was a pair of white jeans from Goodwill.  I love them because they filled a gap - working so well with many of my favorite (darker) tops. 

I know by wearing more light color bottoms I have increased my feelings of happiness.  I am dressing my truth and it shows.  This opened up so many new possibilities for me! 

Next:  Fallacy #2  No button down blouses.

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Terri said...

Kitty--I had my procedure (vaginal hysterectomy) at age 40, right before I remarried. Like you, I went without health insurance for several years during the 80s. Through my late 30s the bleeding became so bad that I was obliged to excuse myself from class one day.

I recently purchased a pristine pair of white slacks!