Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Closet Clearing

I finished up a little more closet clearing in January.  I was enthusiastic about tackling my last few drawers after reading Brittany's blog http://www.thinandcurvy.com/2010/12/victorias-secret-bras-dont-even-fit.html.  One of her suggestions was about checking your bra size every year or so especially if you have gained or lost weight.

I had been feeling annoyed with my bras and thought it was because I needed to buy new ones.  After reading her blog I went and actually looked at the tags and found I have a collection of three different sizes in my drawer.  Two of those sizes have the nagging fit problems she has posted on her site.  It was great to identify the problem.  I sorted and purged even more!  I did decide to keep all three sizes because most of the bras were nearly new.  But I put the wrong size ones in clear plastic bags in the back of the drawer in case I have another weight change. 

Speaking of drawers.....I don't know if everyone else already has found this trick.  I discovered it by accident last fall.  I stack my t-shirts and sweaters in drawers.  I try not to hang any of my knits even if they have the little ribbons to hold them up on the hanger.  I cut those out so the don't peep out while I'm wearing the garment.  Then I fold the garment onto a shelf or into a drawer to let the fabric weave rest between wearings. 

The problem was that I wore either only the top few things in the stack or I would pull one out from the bottom and they all tumble onto their side.  So, I thought.....what if I kept them on their sides?

They fit so much better in the drawer and I can easily see what I have in each color range.  This simple trick has allowed me to combine some new layering ideas quickly.  And it lets me see that I need more pink and probably can skip a few blues at my next thrifting day. 

Of course, you still need to keep some things on hangers but anything that won't get all wrinkly works well like this.  I have even changed my knit skirts and dresses to this type of storage system!  So, am I the last person to figure this out?  How do you store your knits?

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Terri said...

My new dresser arrives next week. I'm excited to finally get all my tee shirts and sweaters off of the shelf in the closet. Thank you for passing this tip along!