Friday, January 7, 2011

Upcycled Boots and Embellished Sweater

I picked up my boots at the cowboy shop this week!  I bought them at Thanksgiving time on ebay for $6.99.  I wanted a pair of dark blue leather boots and these are almost a denim blue color.  Antonio Moreno I think is the brand name.  The heels had lost their finishing heel caps and the bottom of the soles was just kind of worn out looking.  But the boot repair man fixed all of that - plus he added the gripper coating on the bottom of everything so they will be nonslip.  I love them! 

I'm wearing my Zena jeans (ebayed) and a thrifted Talbot's blue gray t-shirt.  My sweater is one I have had in my closet a couple of years but not worn.  My mom gave it to me from her crates of stashed 1980's embellished sweaters.  I recently took out the shoulder pads and altered the shoulder seams.  The sweater is all covered in beadwork including lots of imitation pearls.  I have never liked pearls so this may be the closest I ever get to wearing them! 

My mom gave me two crates of her embellished 1980's sweater collection to sell.  I have been busy taking photos and measurements to put them on etsy.  My seller name is flinthillskittykitty if you are interested in looking!   Lots of red and black designs which are colors I don't wear much!  So far I have only kept one, maybe two, okay - I think its three of the sweaters for myself!

My photographer decided he should show off his fashion accessory skills too:

He hurried to get centered next to his buck on the wall!  I knew you'd appreciate that!  Any dead animals in your living room?

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Terri said...

No dead animals in the living room, but I think that you and I need to start sporting Carharts! Guys have a sweet innocence about them don't they?

BTW, I wonder if you and hubs wouldn't want to meet up for a dinner out at some in-between point soon.