Friday, January 7, 2011

Thrifted Jumper

I always check the childrens rack at thrift stores.  I have two granddaughters that I pick things up for, but also sometimes things are sorted onto the wrong racks and SOMETIMES there is a very unusual item that is made for a almost adult size child that I can wear!  This jumper caught my eye right away and I considered putting it away to wait until my oldest granddaughter could wear it.  It is very plain except for two fake pocket flaps on the front and some brushed silver buckles at the straps.  The more I looked at it, the more I decided I might even try it myself.  It fit some criteria on my wish list.......I have been watching for solid color knit casual dresses to wear with tights and boots.  I realized that skirts and tops cause me fits because they create a horizontal line at my tummy.  And I just get tired of fussing with where each layer is supposed to be tucked inside or outside of the next layer.  So I am experimenting with dresses like this.  I loved how this felt all day and I think I am happy with the look.

Gap denim duster, thrifted at Goodwill this summer, $12.99
Gray t-shirt: thrifted at the VA, Van Heusen $1.49
Navy Jumper:  thrifted for $1.29
tights:  Christmas gift
socks:  walmart
Spanx thingy underneath - long story of how I went to a bridal store tax lein auction and ended up buying 150 long-line strapless bras and an assortment of Spanxy things! 
Navy Boots:  Ebay score for $4.99
Silvery Bracelet Watch:  Big Lots close out for $5

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Terri said...

Kitty--I love this look! I too have a denim duster like this that could be worn as a dress or a coat. Now that I have my boots, I think I'll try it next fall with a calico skirt underneath and peaking out.

As a teacher, I've long been a fan of jumpers like this.

What became of all those strapless brass and Spanx?