Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vintage Wool Coat Upcycle/Refashion

My purple wool coat is almost finished!  This is the biggest refashion project I have taken on lately.  I started out this summer by whacking off several inches from my skirts and dresses.  Many of them were fabrics and colors I loved but they were mid-calf length.  Then I got into dying things.  I moved on to cutting up an old cashmere turtleneck sweater into a cardigan style.  I still haven't decided how to finish the edges of it, but I do like its possibilities now. 

But the purple coat was the project that most people would have thought was crazy!  I could see the potential but it was certainly hidden in the 1980's long heavy style!  This coat was on ebay for 99cents and then it cost me $9 or so to have have it shipped because it was so heavy.  I chose it at the time I was getting rid of my black clothes and trying to introduce happier colors back in to my closet.  And purple has always been my favorite!  Can you even buy a purple coat these days? 

Carol Tuttle at encouraged me to go back to wearing those colors I loved.  I am a Type 1 Energy in her profiling system.  We are bright and animated and many times described as "cute" rather words like "beautiful" or "glamorous".  We love fun things.  And we get off track when we begin to think we need to dress like grown-ups rather than going with our natural instinct which is to play it up! 

I wanted to show you what this coat USED to look like.......  Even I was a little intimidated when it arrived.  And it smelled like dry cleaners and years of closet storage.  The black buttons had to go - and the black lining was cheap and stiff feeling.  So the next question became........what would happen if I just threw it in a cold water gentle wash cycle? 

Tune in for the answer and a look at my finished product!  

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