Sunday, December 5, 2010

Periwinkle Seems to Be My New Neutral

Not sure how that happened - obviously a color I must have been drawn to through many, many thrift store adventures! 

I've been wearing some variation of this all weekend it seems!  This was Thursday for a trip to town.  Tonight I have on the shirt again and the jeans.  One thing I have learned in this journey from bloggers like Kyla at is that I was washing my stuff way too much!  It has made a huge difference in my closet choices to not have my favorites sitting in the laundry basket all week!  Really, where did I think I was getting so dirty? 

Hair:  Finally long enough to start pulling back again
Shirt:  El Paso Shirt Works, American Made quality you can feel, this is a mens shirt that jumped out at me at Goodwill.  I believe another woman had also looked at it because the sleeves were already folded and french cuffed back perfectly for me!  $2.99 
Cardigan: August Silk, thrifted at Goodwill, $3.99
Jeans:  Aura by Wrangler
Boots:  vintage from my closet - see earlier post
Jacket:  This was a clearance find by my mother - warmest jacket I have and its just 100% polyester fleece with a corduroy collar by Harris/Wallace.  How is it that some fleece pieces are incredibly warm but most are not? 
Pin:  vintage rhinestone pinkish purple grape cluster 
Bracelet and earrings:  Opal set given to me by my daughter for my birthday one year

This is my husband's birthday present - a bird feeder that he set up right outside the dining room windows.  So far the birds are boycotting it but its not cold enough for them to be desperate yet.

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