Saturday, December 18, 2010

Buy Socks?

Tonight I realized that I have bought nearly ZERO socks in my adult life.  I have skimped along on socks from whatever was left in the dryer by the kids or assorted Christmas stocking stuffer gifts.  This was my collection:

Socks didn't matter to me.  They fit down in your shoes or boots and no one ever sees them anyway.  Some people apply the same logic to bras and panties.  But since I am over-busty, I have always made sure I had good bras.  I'm here to suggest that it's the same with SOCKS!  Who knew??

And since this is just between you and me, I will admit that I had quit wearing some of my boots because the tops kept scraping the skin on my fat little calves.  My solution was to think I was too fat to wear them anymore.  Or at least that I could only wear them sparingly to allow the scrapes to heal between times.  I quit wearing something I loved because I believed that I wasn't skinny enough or young enough or worthy enough.  A true-life example of how one bad belief just gets lodged in there and starts giving birth to others!  

So thank you fellow fashion bloggers!  This fall I noticed how many of you are wearing great sock and tights combinations.  I "noticed" (Yvonne St. John-Dutra, be proud!) that many of you were not skinny or twenty.  I "noticed" for the first time in thirty years that I had NO socks.  I then made a decision that my leftover short white socks and three pairs of Christmas socks weren't doing the job I had assigned to them.  And then I was able to make a big change!  I bought two lengths of socks in navy, brown and gray.  I even bought a few pair of each so laundry wouldn't hold me back.  For a few dollars of investment, I opened up a world of wardrobe possibilities!   And they slide right into all of my favorite boots, warm and perfect!

I believe these are the things that just throw us into a tizzy when we try to get dressed from our own closets.  No one teaches us what we need to know to make good choices.  This year, instead of becoming frustrated and overwhelmed in my closet I am building problem-solving skills.  If I put on a jacket and end up not wearing it, I lay it aside to apply my new problem-solving skills.  Why did I keep it so long?  What exactly do I like about it?  How can I use words to identify the problem with it?  Once I have the words, I can either alter the garment or easily replace it at the thrift store.

I believe firmly that the fashion industry has encouraged me to think that there was something wrong with me.   There is never anything wrong with the garment.  It is always my body that is the problem.  I would be angry, get depressed, feel fat and frumpy.......and then go shopping cluelessly!....starting the cycle all over again.  And sometimes this cycle had originated with the lack of appropriate socks!

Do you have nice socks?  How did you know you needed them?  I have never seen them advertised on my TV!

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Terri said...

This post is very timely for me. Yesterday I had on a pair of footies that kept creeping down from my heel to my toes. The elastic was worn out and I actually threw them away at the end of the day!