Saturday, December 18, 2010

Buy Socks?

Tonight I realized that I have bought nearly ZERO socks in my adult life.  I have skimped along on socks from whatever was left in the dryer by the kids or assorted Christmas stocking stuffer gifts.  This was my collection:

Socks didn't matter to me.  They fit down in your shoes or boots and no one ever sees them anyway.  Some people apply the same logic to bras and panties.  But since I am over-busty, I have always made sure I had good bras.  I'm here to suggest that it's the same with SOCKS!  Who knew??

And since this is just between you and me, I will admit that I had quit wearing some of my boots because the tops kept scraping the skin on my fat little calves.  My solution was to think I was too fat to wear them anymore.  Or at least that I could only wear them sparingly to allow the scrapes to heal between times.  I quit wearing something I loved because I believed that I wasn't skinny enough or young enough or worthy enough.  A true-life example of how one bad belief just gets lodged in there and starts giving birth to others!  

So thank you fellow fashion bloggers!  This fall I noticed how many of you are wearing great sock and tights combinations.  I "noticed" (Yvonne St. John-Dutra, be proud!) that many of you were not skinny or twenty.  I "noticed" for the first time in thirty years that I had NO socks.  I then made a decision that my leftover short white socks and three pairs of Christmas socks weren't doing the job I had assigned to them.  And then I was able to make a big change!  I bought two lengths of socks in navy, brown and gray.  I even bought a few pair of each so laundry wouldn't hold me back.  For a few dollars of investment, I opened up a world of wardrobe possibilities!   And they slide right into all of my favorite boots, warm and perfect!

I believe these are the things that just throw us into a tizzy when we try to get dressed from our own closets.  No one teaches us what we need to know to make good choices.  This year, instead of becoming frustrated and overwhelmed in my closet I am building problem-solving skills.  If I put on a jacket and end up not wearing it, I lay it aside to apply my new problem-solving skills.  Why did I keep it so long?  What exactly do I like about it?  How can I use words to identify the problem with it?  Once I have the words, I can either alter the garment or easily replace it at the thrift store.

I believe firmly that the fashion industry has encouraged me to think that there was something wrong with me.   There is never anything wrong with the garment.  It is always my body that is the problem.  I would be angry, get depressed, feel fat and frumpy.......and then go shopping cluelessly!....starting the cycle all over again.  And sometimes this cycle had originated with the lack of appropriate socks!

Do you have nice socks?  How did you know you needed them?  I have never seen them advertised on my TV!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Periwinkle Seems to Be My New Neutral

Not sure how that happened - obviously a color I must have been drawn to through many, many thrift store adventures! 

I've been wearing some variation of this all weekend it seems!  This was Thursday for a trip to town.  Tonight I have on the shirt again and the jeans.  One thing I have learned in this journey from bloggers like Kyla at is that I was washing my stuff way too much!  It has made a huge difference in my closet choices to not have my favorites sitting in the laundry basket all week!  Really, where did I think I was getting so dirty? 

Hair:  Finally long enough to start pulling back again
Shirt:  El Paso Shirt Works, American Made quality you can feel, this is a mens shirt that jumped out at me at Goodwill.  I believe another woman had also looked at it because the sleeves were already folded and french cuffed back perfectly for me!  $2.99 
Cardigan: August Silk, thrifted at Goodwill, $3.99
Jeans:  Aura by Wrangler
Boots:  vintage from my closet - see earlier post
Jacket:  This was a clearance find by my mother - warmest jacket I have and its just 100% polyester fleece with a corduroy collar by Harris/Wallace.  How is it that some fleece pieces are incredibly warm but most are not? 
Pin:  vintage rhinestone pinkish purple grape cluster 
Bracelet and earrings:  Opal set given to me by my daughter for my birthday one year

This is my husband's birthday present - a bird feeder that he set up right outside the dining room windows.  So far the birds are boycotting it but its not cold enough for them to be desperate yet.

Vintage Wool Coat Upcycle/Refashion

My purple wool coat is almost finished!  This is the biggest refashion project I have taken on lately.  I started out this summer by whacking off several inches from my skirts and dresses.  Many of them were fabrics and colors I loved but they were mid-calf length.  Then I got into dying things.  I moved on to cutting up an old cashmere turtleneck sweater into a cardigan style.  I still haven't decided how to finish the edges of it, but I do like its possibilities now. 

But the purple coat was the project that most people would have thought was crazy!  I could see the potential but it was certainly hidden in the 1980's long heavy style!  This coat was on ebay for 99cents and then it cost me $9 or so to have have it shipped because it was so heavy.  I chose it at the time I was getting rid of my black clothes and trying to introduce happier colors back in to my closet.  And purple has always been my favorite!  Can you even buy a purple coat these days? 

Carol Tuttle at encouraged me to go back to wearing those colors I loved.  I am a Type 1 Energy in her profiling system.  We are bright and animated and many times described as "cute" rather words like "beautiful" or "glamorous".  We love fun things.  And we get off track when we begin to think we need to dress like grown-ups rather than going with our natural instinct which is to play it up! 

I wanted to show you what this coat USED to look like.......  Even I was a little intimidated when it arrived.  And it smelled like dry cleaners and years of closet storage.  The black buttons had to go - and the black lining was cheap and stiff feeling.  So the next question became........what would happen if I just threw it in a cold water gentle wash cycle? 

Tune in for the answer and a look at my finished product!  

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trying out Almay Intense I-Color

I bought some new makeup.  It doesn't happen very often but my mascara was just gloppy and I was tired of putting it on and then using a cotton round to wipe off the glops.

Almay had this stuff at Walmart and I was intrigued.  I know that my favorite make-up advisor (my sister-in-law) has always said that I should be wearing a shade of brown in mascara and liner rather than black.  But when I tried brown in the past I couldn't tell any difference.  With the Almay stuff - I can really tell a difference!  I tried to get a photo before I backed out of the driveway.  It's the Almay Intense I-Color eyeliner and mascara for blue eyes. 

This is also Revlon ColorStay foundation - a new one for me.  I have been using Estee Lauder for a couple of years but its a pain to go get it at the huge mall in Topeka.  So I thought I would give Revlon another try to see if they have improved.

The earrings were bobbles in the bottom of my bead box.  I think they were part of a hair scrunchie a long time ago.  I don't know why I never attached them to earring hooks but now I have and I wear them alot because they are mixed metals.

 And one parting photo - Netflix should be paying me for this one! But it shows that my Aura Jeans by the Women at Wrangler fit where they need to be fitting!  Strawberry-shaped women - we have a winner!

Jeans:  Aura by Wrangler
Sweater:  Cashmere from Kohls, Christmas present from my mom
Bag:  Cordovan color leather, thrifted from an antique store in Emporia for $3
Keychain:  Big brass ring I have had since the late 1970's
Bracelets:  Gold Bangle that says mother in many languages, Avon, Mother's Day gift from my mom years ago.  Button bracelet made out of all the extra buttons I get from clothes - put onto stretch cord.
Movie:  It's Complicated with Meryl Streep.  (Didn't like it.  I was embarrassed that people who watched it might think that Meryl's character was a good representation of baby-boomer women.  Do we really want to portrayed so self-absorbed and childish?  God knows, I know plenty that fit the description and they are difficult to deal with especially in office situations.  And what was up with those adult children who sulked around acting like junior high kids?  Did they have jobs and purposes in life besides attending mommy's various dilemmas?  Spoiled rotten just came to mind over and over, the parents, the kids.  Then for Meryl's character not to emphasize with the hurt she was causing the new wife.  Maybe I just didn't get it at all!)

Cauliflower Can Hide in the Noodles

Its hard to believe that someone would hide cauliflower in noodles.  But it pays to be aware - especially at grandma's house.  My granddaughter loves noodles (always pronounced with a scrunched up nose and emphasizing the "n" sound followed by the "OOOOOO" in the middle).  But this was her reaction to finding the cauliflower.