Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day in the Founding City

Emporia claims to be the founder of Veteran's Day.  There is always a parade and memorial ceremony.  Since we are a military family now (thanks to my son-in-law, career army), my daughter asked me to ride with her in the parade.  My 18 month old granddaughter was excited about waving her flag for "my daddy's a soldier" day.   

Boots - thrifted last summer for $8.99 at Goodwill
Jeans - Gap, consignment shop in Lyndon $12.95
Red stretch button up shirt - St John's Bay - thrifted by my good friend for me
Gray wool blend cardigan sweater - thrifted Marsh's Landing, Goodwill $3.99
Navy zip up sweatshirt - thrifted Van Heusen, Salvation Army $2.99

Hint:  Its much easier to get great cardigans and sweaters in July at thrift stores.  I haven't seen any good ones in a while because of course, now everyone wants one!

And P.S.  If anyone is listening.....please, please, please think about who your audience is when planning for a Veteran's Day Memorial speaker.  If I have to listen to one more politician rattle on about how much he/she knows what is best for our soldiers and their families.........Please, for just this one day can we agree to show silent respect by listening to only those experts who are living and healing from their war experiences?  Believe me, there are a pool of possibilities right in your own neighborhood!  Thank them by creating a space and time in your community for listening.   

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