Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It is just beautiful outside right now!  I love the snow!

Notice the gigantic soft flakes with little wind - doesn't happen in Kansas very often!

And my very confused rose bushes!

And.....the debut of my latest ebay purchase.......

Its a Lew Magram suede coat.  I saw it on ebay and just went crazy.  Had to use my best ebaying skills to snag it in the last few minutes of the auction.  I've decided that since I live in cowboy country, I might as well enjoy the fashion a little more. 

I threw on this coat and ran outside to get a photo when I saw the new snow.  So underneath are my housecleaning clothes and no makeup.  Can't say as I really can tell a great difference - maybe I am spending too much time worrying about my hair and makeup!  Although a close-up shot would quickly reveal the difference!

And this is Lightening.  He came to greet me because that is his job.  But he is encouraging me to go back in the house so he can go back to his warm doghouse without offending me. 

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