Sunday, November 21, 2010

Purple Leggins and Purple Tights

My five year old granddaughter woke up one morning this week to realize she had no clothes!  She is growing like a weed and when the weather changed it caught her and her momma off guard.  It doesn't seem like she could have grown out of everything since she started Kindergarten earlier this fall, but she has!  This was our swimsuit photoshoot this summer in the back yard.  I made the suit to fit her XL torso and plan to offer them on etsy this spring.

Tonight I spent a couple of peaceful hours at Walmart searching for tights.  She has quite an intriguing sense of personal style and loves wearing her skirts no matter what the temperature is! 

I bought several things on my list tonight for myself - the things that are best bought new rather than thrifted.  My list (so proud - a list! - can you believe it? and I even had it in my purse!) has had tights and leggins on it for a couple of months now.  I found brown and plum tonight at Walmart.  My mom brought my new brown birthday boots last weekend and I bought a pair of navy boots on ebay last week that I took in to have the heels replaced.  I am ready to get out the skirts!  Yippee!!

Now if I can just get more confident with the delay button on my camera I could get some photos.......

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