Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to Work!

Its time to get back to work - working at home that is!  I completed a thirty day contract which included long hours with no days off.  Today, I feel a bit lost as I file final reports and clear off my desk.

I just can't stand to think of losing all of the organization and free space I have worked so hard to get in my closet.  My stack of clothes and shoes waiting for final decisions about sell/toss/keep was getting too tall so this morning I started taking photos of items to list on ebay.  These Mia boots were in the sell pile.....

Vintage?  Yes!  How can I be sure?  Because they have been in my closet since the 1980's.  Time to part with them so I laid them out for the ebay photo, but then a strange thing happened..........

In searching ebay and etsy for brown leather vintage boots I realized most of the boots I had on my watch list looked alot like this!  I guess we just belong together!  So I suppose I will be selling this stack

in order to buy something else on my gotta have list! 

In looking back at this near miss of a fashion disaster - the one we 50+ year old women fear the most - getting rid of something we should have kept! - what was the key learning point for me?  I think the difference became that now I am consciously shopping.  I quit wandering the malls and swiping my credit card -  hoping to eventually have enough.  In this thoughtful process it became clear that I don't have brown boots to wear with my skirts.  The next step was pinpointing exactly why I don't wear the brown boots I have.  I prefer my black boots.  Why?  It's because they are about an inch taller and I like the look better with my skirts. 

I love my shorter boots and many of them have a western look.  I wear them with my jeans.  So now, for the first time in 30 years, I have two categories of need for brown boots.  I searched ebay and etsy for brown leather vintage boots that were tall enough to wear with my skirts.  I still haven't found them but I haven't bought another pair of the wrong ones either!  My watch list contained several boots to wear with jeans that I liked.  Then my  Mia boots photo pops up on my computer to be loaded onto ebay and I see them for the first time in a new light.  The mind is an amazing thing!  

P.S.  At least I saved myself some shipping charges! 

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