Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 for 30 Challenge is not for me!

I will be watching the other bloggers as they go through the next 30 days wearing only the 30 items they chose from their closets.  Kendi's Everyday 30 for 30 Challenge will be fun - even if I am not participating.  I know its just not for me!

I am 52 years old.  I want complete freedom to choose what to put on my body every day.  For once, I feel like there are treasures in my closet.  I don't want any (even self-imposed) authority slapping my hand and making me feel guilty.  This adventure in downsizing my closet has been about growing my personal style.  It  means I no longer ask my friends and family, "Do you like this?"  If I like it, I wear it.  Tough cookies for girls who grew up in the 1950's - but WOW!  Empowering myself to choose my own clothes?   Who knew?  Pretty soon, I might even grow into my own unique self!

Also, Kansas weather changes from day to day - from one extreme to the other.  A few days ago it was 40 degrees with a bitter north wind.  This past week it has been nearly 80 degrees and sunny.  Predicting the weather takes too much effort and I know my accuracy rate will be near zero.  So, why waste precious time while I enjoy my years of home in the Flinthills? 

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