Saturday, October 23, 2010

Campaign for Change, but Wear the Right Shoes!

I dove into helping with the local Senate campaign recently.  I was calmly planning to watch from the sidelines this year....cheering....but not sweating.  Well, now I'm sweating.  Kansas can be a scary time at election as we seem to overwhelmingly vote against our own best interests.  Enough said.  I don't want to alienate all of my friends who feel very differently than I do about the future of Kansas politics.

But, I do want to share about shoes!  I took the opportunity to photograph the shoes of the three of us who were working/volunteering/slaving away last week at campaign headquarters.  These are Jan's.  She came to headquarters after spending the entire morning volunteering with the Master's Gardeners Club.  These are her Reikers, the most comfortable shoes she owns.  They are most likely the most expensive pair she owns because she bought them in Washington DC after a day on her feet in some wrong shoes!  She reports they have been worth every penny!

Sharon is wearing the campaign tried and true New Balance shoes.  She is an experienced campaigner, after more than thirty years of being involved in one campaign after another including her own in 2004.  If you are a first time candidate take her advice and invest in a good pair of walking shoes!  These will support you through many miles of door-to-door canvassing!  Well, unless you have special interest group money flowing in that enables you to hire others to do the sweaty canvassing work for you!

These are mine - Ariat boots that have served me well for a couple of years.  They have been through many, many airports because they are so comfortable and also easy to slip off and on for security clearance.  I never planned to buy these.  My daughter and husband flew to Nashville to meet me after some business meetings.  My daughter was planning to tell me she was pregnant.  We went downtown to see the original Grand Ol Opry House and around the corner was a boot store advertising "Buy One, Get Two Free".  We went in to check it out and before I know it my daughter is trying on boots.  I said, "Are we buying boots?".  And she said, "Well, of course!"  So I quickly went to my size and pulled these on to try.  They were so much more comfortable than any cowboy boot I had ever tried.  Kind of like the Fat Baby line, but these have squared off toes so I am not sure if they are still called Fat Babies.  But they have the same comfort insole system inside that means you can wear them all day.

Well, that's my update for now.  I haven't had much time for posting.  But I will start again after November 2nd.  Get informed about your candidates!  Look past the party lines and see the individuals who want to represent you!  Happy Voting!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Checklists and Cluster Flies

Do you have these at your house?  A few years ago I sat beside a woman whose husband owns a pest control service.  While I was complaining to anyone within earshot she said, "It sounds like you have cluster flies." 
Dead cluster flies on the back step

I thought we just lived too far in the country and the flies had no where else to hang out!  I learned that cluster flies lay eggs a few feet out from the perimeter of your foundation and then every nice day in the fall, winter and spring you will get a hatch of new flies who go straight to the siding on your house to cling and get warm.  In our case, they also get inside the windows that haven't been upgraded yet.  Once inside, they crawl all over things like light fixtures and then scatter to die.  It seems like every few years they get worse and that's when we have to spray. 

One fall during the 1990's I brought home the spray that feed lots use in their buildings.  I would come home from work and open the windows, spray everywhere while holding my breath, then leave.  Later I would go back upstairs with the vacuum sweeper and sweep up all their little dead bodies so I could go to bed.  Gross!!!  Luckily, I ran into the pest control person around that time and she explained how to get rid of them.  We try hard not to add chemicals to our spot on the prairie.  But for these little critters, I make a special exception.

P.S.  Here is the little honey-do list I left on the refrigerator. 

My husband is such a step-by-step personality.  He has worked all weekend to cross off the things on this list.  Things I have mentioned, and mentioned......and hinted, and suggested and pleaded.  I don't know I why I forget that "the checklist" is a good way to get action!  He has one more item to go but he worked in a break to help someone set a tree stand this afternoon.  Bow season takes priority and it's almost here, as I am sure you are aware!