Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Do All Have Your Deer Heads Up, Right?

I am told that all classy homes have deerheads hanging in the living room.  Actually the conversation went something like this.....

Him:  Look, its ready.  Isn't it cool? (as he's preparing to put a nail in the wall in the living room) (answers himself)  It's awesome! 

Me:  Oh, wait.  Couldn't it go somewhere else?

Him:  But, then how would people see it when they come in?

Followed by random visitors' comments:

Female visitors:  Why do you have a dead deer hanging in your living room?

Male visitors:  (who nearly run over me at the doorway once they spot it)  Wow!  How many points is that?  Where did he get it?   Bow or rifle?  He's so lucky!  My wife would never let me hang that in the living room! 

And just fair warning to you - really, once you have one dead deer on the wall - it looks lopsided without a second one on the other end!  

Oh, well, it was cheaper than marriage counseling! 

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