Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vintage Boots from BB (before babies)

Vintage boots from 1980 - and I didn't have to go anywhere to find them.  They have been in my house for 30 years - stuffed in various crates.  Each fall I would look them over, try them on, and then put them back in the crate because......darn it!  I really like them!  So why haven't I been wearing them?  Who knows.  The color is unusual, they have a western flair and they are comfortable like cowboy boots.  They also have a unique woven leather top to them but I am making myself wait to photo it until I find a way to wear them with a skirt.

The jeans are Aura brand.  We have them at our local farm and ranch supply place - Bluestem (the menfolk love to shop there - they call it Bluestem Kansas as it is the only place like it in the world).  Since I am feeling thin this fall with my gluten-free foods - they fit!  The top is something I thrifted this summer at Goodwill (the tags have been cut out) and I have a thrifted New York & Co cami in nearly the same color underneath.

Bracelet:  Says Mother in several languages.  Gift from my mom.  Originally from Avon, mid 1980's
Watch:  Thrifted and I haven't put a new battery in it.  I just continue to wear it cause I like the style.  Ever do that?

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