Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Selling Books on Amazon

I was bitten by the clutterless bug and I just keep going!  A couple weeks ago I cleared out a cabinet in my office.  It was full of great research books I used in my former career(s).  With fresh eyes, I noticed that they were taking up prime working space for my new endeavors.  I went on amazon.com to see how hard it would be to sell a few of them.  Wow!  One of the first ones I checked on was worth $32!  And the first morning I listed books I sold five of them.  I was bitten!

So, room by room I have been sifting through the house - each time I dig a little deeper.  Yesterday I listed a book I bought for my husband in the late 1980's that I thought he would treasure.  He never read it.  Turns out its worth from $125 - $225!  Lucky me!

Today I got into the attic and pulled out these school primers from the 1940's.  Checking on amazon to see what I can get for them. 

My advice?  If the book is worth more than about $5-$6, it might be worth listing it.  If not, the amazon.com fees will eat up whatever you sell it for so donate it to your local library! 

Feel the freedom!  The great thing about amazon.com is that if you find out you really miss one after its gone.........you can just buy back a used copy and it will arrive in a few days!  (bonus - you'll know where to find it!)

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