Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Overalls are for Work!

Overalls:  Old Navy, thrifted at Salvation Army for $2
Tshirt:  thrifted earlier this summer at Goodwill, $2.99
No shoes

I am excited!  This is the first year in decades that I all of my clothes are going to fit in my closet!  I have been downsizing for over a year now in slow, steady steps.  I will post some photos soon.  I got out my boots and sweaters today.  I am determined to make tough decisions so that they will fit into their designated closet space.  Designated is the key word I am working!  After years of just stuffing things wherever there was open space - I have vowed to keep working the change!

Fall is here finally, mostly, sometimes!  Indian summer I suppose is more like it.  We live about 10 miles from the last Kaw lands in Kansas.  I understand why they were so unhappy about being forced to leave this beautiful place in 1873.  It was just a little over 100 years ago when Chief Al-le-ga-wa-ho said to U.S. Secretary of the Interior Columbus Delano: "You whites treat us Kon-zey like a flock of turkeys; you chase us from one stream, then to another stream - soon you will chase us over the mountains and into the ocean."

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