Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Quest for Jeans That Fit

I will be 52 years old in a few weeks and I'm smart enough to pick out jeans that fit - or so I thought.  In the past year I made decisions about clearing my closet.  I am making mistakes, but am focused on learning from them.  I am getting better at dressing myself!  These are things I just didn't have time for while raising kids and working too many hours.   

So a year has passed since I started this closet clearing journey.  I thought my jean situation was fine.  Not great, but fine.  Last fall, I eliminated about half of the jeans in my closet that I knew didn't fit right.  Now I am seeing with fresh eyes the ones I kept - the ones I thought fit me. 

My daughter took this photo a few weeks ago........

This is not a view I see of myself very often.  That could be problem #1.  I don't have good full-length mirrors in my dressing area.  I am closest to an inverted triangle in shape, (which sounds better when its called the strawberry shape) and short to boot.  That means I am round through the middle with no rear.  Strawberries have slim legs though - our plus.  This photo clearly shows me that my jean fit belief system......"if it sort-of fits around the hips and I can button the waistband without being in pain, buy them" isn't working for me.  I see that my standards have been very low!   

The great thing is that my birthday is in a few weeks.  I know exactly what I need.  I guess if it takes eight hours to find a brand that fits, at 52 years old I should finally take that time and find it!    I sure wish I could do it online though.......the mall stresses me out!  I'll probably wander for hours and come home with another pair of boots. 

My mom has been telling me for 35 years, "Your jeans don't fit."    Mom, you're right.  My jeans don't fit.  Yep, I said it.

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