Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Lighter and Happier Closet

These are some of the clothes that went on ebay this summer:

Cute stuff.  Much of it I had just bought in the past year because I was trudging through airports every few weeks to sit in business meetings all over the US.  Dream job......maybe.......I realize now it wasn't a good fit for me even though I was good at it.  

This is my closet after the corporate black was lifted:

As you can see, I am working on my happy colors - pinks, blues, purples, browns - even a little pale yellow I am experimenting with.  To be fair, this is half of my closet.  But it is my new dress-up space!  I look forward to choosing something every day.  And I don't seem so hung up on whether the hem is in the exact right location or whether the pinks are exactly the same hue.  I have brought every storage crate from the far corners of the house and put the contents through the happy test.  My new rule means my closet is my designated place for clothing - Everything will be in there - I will love everything in there.  As I edit, the items I am keeping are all just ME - so they seem to be playing together nicely in the sandbox for a change!  Best of all, any new-to-me items are thrifted!

For those of you who study Carol Tuttle and Dressing Your Truth - I am convinced I am a dominant Type 1 - bright and animated.  My family is relieved to know there is a name for it.   And if I had found her website months or years ago, I know I would have saved a stack of cash by signing up for her online courses.

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