Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is $673 a month too much to pay for housing?

Is this for real?  Every time my husband and I run across people talking about how much it costs to rent a place these days - we remember how very lucky we are.  Even with all of the screw-ups and years of living on less-than-a-living wage, we have continued to pound out payments every month on our original mortgage of $40,500.  So today, including taxes and insurance, we pay $673 per month to live on ten acres with no neighbors in any direction.  The house is small - 1000 square feet on the main floor with a half story upstairs - but now that its just the two of us again I wouldn't want to be cleaning more square feet every week anyway! 

I suppose the downside is that I insist we can't be paying more for vehicles than we are for housing.  So, we drive a truck with over 200,000 miles on it and my Bravada with 187,000 miles.  Four wheel drive is a necessity.  We have two miles of gravel to get to the first paved road out of here.  And we have learned in our twenty-five years of life on the prairie that the inevitable cracked windshield, grime, dust and dings don't sting so bad if we buy sturdy over pretty to begin with.   

What would you give up to have a $600 per month house payment?  Would you live in little house on the prairie?

We've finished some improvements since this photo was taken last winter - most satisfying was a fresh coating on that old chimney!    Another check off on our thirty year home improvement project list!

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