Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flats in Kansas

Most of Kansas is flat - but this post is about non-flat women who wear flat shoes!
In Kansas, everyday, everywhere, I see women in flats.  Because we are carrying children, groceries or bookbags.  The streets, sidewalks and gravel driveways are too wet, too dusty or too lumpy.  We have work to do!

Wearing flats that is - as in shoes - isn't really popular among the blogger world.  But then I stumbled upon Kyla at bluecollarcatwalk and was entranced!  In the past, I couldn't make the leap from my wish to look more "put together" to the examples I was seeing that all included four inch heels.  I think I must have subconsciously just shut down over it.  I quit trying somewhere along the way.  I know I had decided that short, strawberry shaped women are just never going to look beautiful like that so it wasn't worth worrying about anymore.  

I used to wear alot of heels and loved them.  But I just don't have the time for it anymore.  The change for me has been owning up to the fact that it is my decision.  I no longer feel like I need to apologize to myself over it.  And thanks to Kyla, I am serious this fall about planning my clothes around my flat heeled boots and shoes to start with, rather than changing into them at the last minute as I leave the house.  Short legs are cute too! 

According to Energy Profiling,  a signature style for me as a dominant type 1 is probably "cute shoes".  And to think I thought I needed to grow up!  I have always loved funky weird shoes and I wear a small enough size that I sometimes get great deals on little girls styles.  But then my corporate type (black) work wardrobe demanded boring shoes.  I tried to blend in and be serious for over a decade.  How depressing!

Luckily I hung on to many of my favorite weird cute flat shoes over the years!  Now to start finding good tights or leggins combinations again........

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