Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Cobbler's Children Go Without Shoes

........and the carpenter's wife goes without shower walls.  Be prepared for what you are about to see!  I don't live in a dollhouse, that's for sure!

Anyone who struck up a conversation with me over the past decade has probably heard the bathroom remodel saga.  Or, you have been here and asked, "When are you guys going to finish this bathroom?" 

Circa 2000 (as best we can place it), we pulled off the existing shower wall covering because it was so gross.  And then I discovered that there was mildew between the tub and the floor so I pulled out several layers of old flooring while Kenny was gone one weekend.  The kids said that I was like our rat terrier - leave me at home too long by myself and I will find something to tear up!

But I had high hopes.......and a husband who builds new, beautiful stuff everyday for people with the money to buy only the best.  So he began to talk about $2,000 two piece tub enclosures, new sheetrock and new subflooring.  I just wanted the original look back that the bathroom might have had when it was built.  And I was dead set against his shiny spaceship tub enclosure idea!   So we did nothing.......for ten years......

except staple up shower curtains to the three walls and tiptoe in and out to use it.......

Wow that's embarrassing to post!  I don't know why because this is THE main bathroom on the main floor of our 1,000 sq ft house.  Anyone who has been here in the past decade has already seen it!

In late fall 2008, my "loves everything new, slick and shiny" husband had a change of heart.  He started talking about replacing the bad places in the original oak flooring.  He talked about ceramic tile tub walls he had seen.  We were off!  We tackled the previously uncleanable floor and made arrangement to get a tile guy here. 

But now it is much, much better!  I saved $1,000's of dollars by being married to my carpenter!  (The tile guy requested real money.)

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Terri said...

My carpenter has saved us thousands too!