Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Clearing Closet Clutter - Be Cute For You!

So many online bloggers talk about clearing out there homes.  But as I snoop through their stories, many of them are under 30 years old.  I crave photos and examples of women my age who are beginning the process after years of just ignoring it.  This is what I did over the weekend.  Its been a long journey but I can see progress daily now!  I encourage you to keep at it!

This is what goes this time.  A big decision for me was the t-shirt/sweatshirt inventory.  I wear them around the house.  Okay.....well I put them on when I don't have anywhere important to go and then I end up wearing them all day everywhere I go.  So most of the time if people saw me outside of work they would see me in what I should have been calling my pj's.  It was difficult to get rid of them.  I have put them in the stack before but rescued them and hauled them back up to my closet.  This time they are out!  This forces me to wear my nice things everyday - which feels very awkward this week.  But who am I saving the good stuff for if its not for me?  I can be cute for me! 

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