Saturday, September 25, 2010

Again with the Cardigans!

I have been planning and planning all summer to wear little tshirts or camisole under lightweight cardigans.  Its tricky to get a coordinated look, yet not be all matchy-matchy.  So today was a new combination with jeans.

We're picking sunflowers from the ditch across from the house.

Navy cotton cardigan, ebay "buy it now" for $4.99, Dolce
Purple crinkle camisole, the very old (Brown?) hotel's giftshop in downtown Louisville, Kentucky  $16.99.  I wish I would have bought every color they had - the tag says Scala.
Jeans, my old stretchy Zena's.  I finally hemmed so they wouldn't drag with my flats.
Shoes, Stuart Madeleine I bought at an outlet place that sold display shoes for $5 because they have small holes in the bottom where they were attached. 
Gold hoop earrings and butterfly pin were both ebay but separate purchases.  The pin was 50 cents!
Gold chain bracelet I think was a gift from my mom

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