Monday, September 27, 2010

The 1970's Trailer Home Blues

So many of you are trying to buy your first home when the economic conditions are sh**, the world seems to be collapsing.  This is the second part of a series.  Part One is here

 I wrote this in my journal in 1985 when we were preparing to move to our first home.  We had lived in our little mobile home since marriage but now had a baby and a toddler.  My husband was making $8.25 an hour and bringing home $300 a week with overtime.  He was and still is a carpenter.  I was home caring for babies.  We knew this was exactly the house we wanted so we made an offer during a time when the best interest rates were 14% variable.  We signed the offer papers then immediately called my parents to make sure they would "buy" our mobile home from us for $6,000 so that we could put that money down on the loan if it were approved.  They agreed, but weren't happy about it.  We had nothing in the bank but love.  It was a very scary time and I felt I needed to write about it - hoping it would be funny looking back at how scared we were!

When I sew or do bookwork I have to use the kitchen table which means everyone eats over the top of it.  they yard is nice except Sabra won't go out by herself and there is a pack of dogs running loose all of the time.  Everyone in the trailer park drives to the trash bins which means we can always hear cars in our front yard.  The pack of dogs like to come up on my front step and attack the cats.  In the winter, we have coats, boots, firewood and ash buckets in the living room.  The furniture is moved to anywhere I can stash it. 

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